MET is a community
theater in the truest
sense:  multicultural,
multi-ethnic, gender
MET is dedicated to
theater which is
enjoyable,  exciting, and
meaningful for both
artists and audience.
MET combines artistic
excellence and  high
level showmanship with  
sincere and caring social
responsibility and
community service.
MET's color creative
approach to casting
offers  new (and even
off-beat) acting and  
audience experiences
MET is a project of Theater Residencies, Incorporated (TRI ), a California non-profit 501(c)(3) corporation.
We're now the resident theater company at the Royce Gallery
Playhouse, in the SOMA District on the corner of Harrison and
Mariposa Streets.  We have great plans for the future and we're about
to complete casting and begin rehearsals for our next production.

MET's caring public mission remains the same.  If you'd like to stay
informed, click on the CONTACT US link above and send us a
message.  Tell us your particular interest: onstage, backstage, front
of house or audience member.  We'll keep you posted regarding
paricipation opportunities and special deals for tickets.
Refugee Voices and Euripides' The Trojan Women Is a dynamic
and pointed adaptation of Euripides' story about the aftermath of the
Trojan War.  MET's production will be set in a modern war zone at a
refugee camp in front of a bombed out hospital.  It begins with a
twenty minute prologue in which actors from
The Trojan Women will
portray modern refugees presenting their actual stories.  The play is
scheduled for a five week, twenty performance run beginning
Thursday, September 2
7 of this year, just before the nationwide
midterm elections in November.   With the prologue and no
intermission the production will run a little over an hour.  We’re
inviting some Bay Area refugees to attend and participate in a post
production discussion.
                                                               AUGUST IN AUGUST
MET has completed six of August Wilson's ten play cycle chronicling the African American 20th century
history.  In August of 2019 we'll resume the project, one play a year in August, until we've completed the
remaining four.
You Can't Take It With You, a  21st century version of the Kaufman and Hart comedy featuring a mixed
race family with Grampa as an aging Greenwich Village hippy.  Included will be a strong satirical blow at
America's top one percent.

The Winslow Boy by Terrence Rattigan.   This upper class family will be bi-racial giving new meaning to
the African American son accused of stealing at his elite private school.  The famous lawyer hired to
defend the boy will be a woman.

Twelfth Night by Shakespeare will be set on a Mississippi riverboat, the Illyria.  Above deck Orsino, the
riverboat captain, listens to banjo music and pines away for the love of Lady Olivia who runs a show biz
cabaret on the lower deck.