MET is a community
theater in the truest
sense:  multicultural,
multi-ethnic, gender
MET is dedicated to
theater which is
enjoyable,  exciting, and
meaningful for both
artists and audience.
MET combines artistic
excellence and  high
level showmanship with  
sincere and caring social
responsibility and
community service.
MET's color creative
approach to casting
offers  new (and even
off-beat) acting and  
audience experiences
MET is a project of Theater Residencies, Incorporated (TRI ), a California non-profit 501(c)(3) corporation.
RADIO GOLF is the sixth
presentation in MET's  
August in August
project.  It's the final play
in Wilson's ten play cycle
about  the African
American 20th century
story, one play for each
decade. MET began its
project with
(decade 5).  Gem of the
(decade 1) is set
in 1904 at 1839 Wylie
Avenue in the Hill District
of Pittsburgh, PA.and
introduces Aunt Ester,
the 285-year-old fiery
matriarch. It also begins
the back story for
which is set in the
Hill District of 1993.  Will
Aunt Ester's house be
torn down to allow the
gentrification of an
historic African American
To reserve seats for RADIO GOLF, CLICK HERE.
To reserve seats, CLICK HERE.
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OPENING WEEK   August 23 / 24 / 25 / 26