Theater Residencies, Incorporated (TRI)

Thank you for the donation in support of TRI’s many projects — We rely on your partnership to help worthy artists develop new theater creations. Your generosity ensures that we can continue this good work. Donation are tax deductible. To receive an IRS compatible thank you letter, click here and send us your address.

Here are two ways to donate:


On the payee line write three letters — T R I
On the memo line designate which of the following TRI projects you wish to support

TRI General Fund — Multi Ethnic Theater — The Next Stage — Theater of Others — SF Recovery Theater
Nico Projects — Music for Kids — Undiscovered Works — Eureka Street TRI — Ninjaz of Drama

Mail check to TRI — 171 Maynard Street — San Francisco, Ca. 94112


Click here or the button above then enter the amount you wish to donate.
To support a specific project (see list above) enter it in the description box provided.