Goldstar Audience Reviews

Eleven separate comments from the first three weeks of performance

I was particularly taken with this performance because I am a native of Pittsburgh, PA, but I think that the general SF audience would enjoy this powerful piece.

Acting was excellent and the play was intriguing. It is great to have an opportunity for local African American actors to perform – would like to see more of that for people of color. I did feel some parts of the play did not add anything and could have been cut out but that is more of a comment for the playwright than for the director or actors. I look forward to seeing future plays in this series where each play takes place in a different decade.

This is a strong production with an accomplished cast in an intimate setting.

This was very well cast and very well acted. The cast earned a standing ovation. This play takes its time to warm up. It is well worth it though will some stellar acting especially between the father and son before the intermission. The nosy character is also a hoot. The premise of the play is not super stellar. Mainly go to see the acting. It is not often that such a high caliber cast is seen in such a small venue.

In retrospect, this story, Jitney, tells a story of yesterday 70’s that is relevant today. The differences are minuscule in theory, but magnified by the numbers of a culture who still have the same issues of ‘making a decent living’ for their families and themselves. The cast of stars’ performances were so natural as though they breathed every line spoken and felt the impact of the story’s meaning. These stars are part of the many stars not ever recognized. My rating is 9 stars reflecting the number of stars performing.

August Wilson is such a fine and important playwright. It’s a pity his life ended young. One expects that future plays would have only enhanced his story telling and his capacity to build denouement and tension, that results in remarkable theatre. The Multi Ethnic Theatre Production of Jitney is a superb, a large (9 actor) cast, working as an ensemble, sustains the plot development as well as sub-plot that explore complex and difficult dyad relationships. Wonderful acting and shrewd direction in the small space of the “in the round” theatre works, and graphs the attention of the viewer throughout. Go see it.

Amazing writing and equally amazing acting by a small non-profit theatre company that should be applauded loudly for bringing this gem to the Bay Area.

Surprisingly comfortable venue. Actors were very good and it certainly held its own with other performances of August Wilson’s plays done by Lorraine Hansberry Theater or Marin Theater Company.

This is a wonderful play, I do not understand why it is not produced more often. It has been the one play out of Wilson’s series of ten that I had not seen. Not only was I overjoyed to be able to see it, I was thrilled that it has a wonderful cast, is expertly directed and is in an intimate theater, so the audience can closely experience the dialogue and drama.

The ensemble cast was terrific, the play of course another brilliant masterpiece of August Wilson’s. Theater is small, run down and intimate, a true gem hidden in the city.

I enjoyed the play thoroughly and thought the production and acting in this very intimate place were very good considering the tiny resources of this company. I would strongly recommend it to anyone who is interested in good theater and in hearing August Wilson’s authentic and flowing language rhythm.